Tips To Choose a Fireplace According to Your Lifestyle


The fireplace is one of the main heating elements in the home. Not only literally, but also in the sense that they organize daily life around them and are both functional and decorative references in any room they are placed in.

Learn the different types of indoor fireplaces if your home has the best conditions for installation.

According to Guelph renovation experts, Consider that modern models are easy to clean, emit little smoke, don’t require a large installation, are decorative, economical, and always add charm.

Built-in vs. traditional fireplaces

We distinguish between built-in and traditional fireplaces when we talk about fireplace types. The second type, which can be installed in an existing chimney, is the insert type. It has a closed fire, a glass door, and an extraction system with fans.

There are two main differences between closed hearths and insert fireplaces: the combustion system and the intensity of the heat.

  • Inserts are electrically connected and have a cassette of fans to facilitate combustion and smoke expulsion. These fireplaces consume minimal energy, so they are low-cost and have a slow heat distribution.
  • Requires work to install. They do not have fans so the fire is fanned sooner, which allows it to accumulate more heat.

There are different types of fireplaces for indoors, depending on their fuel type

Wood burning fireplaces

Wood-burning fireplaces are the most popular because the heat they produce can be used to heat the entire house.

They have some disadvantages, however: they produce waste (ashes), do not allow for temperature control, require construction to install a smoke vent, and are low in efficiency because of the heat they lose through the draft.

They also require space for storing firewood. This is why they’re considered to be one of the less practical types of fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces, despite being an efficient system that produces a lot of heat. They are more expensive.

It is also necessary to have a natural gas network at home, as well as qualified personnel who can handle the installation and equipment (as with boilers).

Bioethanol fireplaces

bioethanol fireplaces are the best, alternative to traditional fireplaces. They’re also the most comfortable. They are a great alternative to traditional fireplaces because they don’t have a draft.

This makes them safe, clean and do not produce waste. The biggest problem is it’s not always easy to find the right bio-ethanol model for your appliance.

Sometimes, the appliance will emit an odor, which isn’t harmful but can be annoying.

Electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces can be decorative, and in many cases, they use electrical resistance to produce heat. The use of an electric fireplace involves a high cost for light.

This is especially true if you are heating a large space such as a room. Many of these fireplaces are equipped with a 3D display that mimics the flames through LED lights to recreate the feeling of warmth.

What is the best fireplace to use in my home?

There are different types of fireplaces in houses and apartments. wood burning fireplaces, for example, cannot be installed in collective homes or apartments, unless there is a draft or if you live in an attic.

In this case, the installation of a smoke outlet won’t directly affect your neighbors. Installing a wood-burning fireplace in chalets or single-family houses is an option, as long as you ask a professional about how to make the smoke vent.

Gas fireplaces are also subject to the same requirements, including prior installation as well as special permits for collective or apartment buildings.

In terms of bioethanol, they are independent pieces of furniture, which you can place anywhere you like. The only “precautions” you need to take care not to place them near flammable material as they emit no sparks or smoke but their flame is real.

Electric fireplaces are more decorative rather than functional. If you’re looking to add a unique and cozy touch to your home, you can use electric fireplaces. You just need to plug them into a nearby outlet and manage your electricity consumption to keep your bill from exploding.

Things to consider before choosing a fireplace:

  • You will need to measure the area you wish to heat.
  • Consider where you would like to place the fireplace.
  • Consider the type of fireplace and its installation requirements.
  • Check the noise level of your fans.
  • Consider the maintenance and cleaning that your fireplace will need.
  • The cost of fuel will depend on the tightness of your chimney.

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