Wearing Guess prescription glasses in the sun: Tips and Solutions

Guess prescription glasses

It feels like glasses-wearers never get a break. They are always caught up in issues that non-glasses wearers consider insignificant; whether it is winter or summer. While the rest of the world takes advantage of beach adventures and parties at the pool, Guess prescription glasses wearers are coping with the difficulties of wearing specs in the summer.

We don’t talk about these issues enough, which leads others to believe it’s not a big deal. But it’s fun for you to share your concerns so that others can understand how you manage when virtually everything hurts in the summer.

The difficulties of wearing eyeglasses in summer

Let’s tell people what is meant to be a joyful and pleasant season.

  • Switching between eyeglasses and sunnies

When it turns cloudy, do you switch from shades to specs? But what if the weather improves? This is the most difficult problem that eye wearers experience every day. You’re wearing Glasses sunglasses, so your eyes are safe from UV rays. But what’s the purpose of having them if you can’t see anything? Have you used prescription sunglasses? If you believe they’re too pricey, have a view of our selection to see how reasonable they may be.

Alternatively, you can consider our tinted lenses. What could be more effective to combine the benefits of glasses and sunglasses? We understand how inconvenient it is to come into a room with dark glasses. This is why, to prevent awkwardness, you should try transition lenses that change tint in seconds.

Guess prescription glasses
  • Eyewear lenses and sweat do not go together

You’ll sweat if the sun is shining brightly. When this occurs, sweat can run into your spectacles. You know what comes next, of course, you will need to clean the lenses. And it’s very likely that you don’t have the proper cleaning cloth on hand. So you use the next appropriate thing is your shirt. However, it causes unsightly marks on the lenses. Therefore, keep a cleaning cloth on hand at all times to clean your Guess eyeglasses frames and lenses.

  • Gliding and slipping

Let’s discuss sweat and what exactly it does. Isn’t it annoying to have to adjust your prescription specs after every thirty seconds? Sweat on the face cause slide for the frames. And try holding your prescription eyewear in place if you’re wearing oily sunscreen on your face.

But there is a solution. You can apply Nerd wax on the eyewear’s nose pads. It keeps your glasses in place, and don’t need to fret about readjusting them all the time.

  • Reading outdoors is another challenge

Who doesn’t enjoy a good book while relaxing in the sun? However, reading outside in the heat is a headache. The bright sun creates glare and irritating reflections on the lenses, making it difficult to read. However, if your lenses contain an anti-reflective coating, you can still enjoy your preferred activity. The designer prescription glasses at Eyweb.com all contain UV protection and anti-reflect coating to keep away from the glare.

  • The fog impact

When is it not the case with your lenses? A little fog will trap your guess eyeglasses lenses whether you’re enjoying hot coffee in the winter or walking from a cool room to the hot outdoors world. Hold a cleaning cloth to clean the fog. Other times, you simply wait for the fog to evaporate on its own. The fogging issue has become increasingly common with the wearing of face masks.

In the early morning, you can wash your guess women glasses with a mild detergent solution. It will leave a thin soapy layer on the surface, preventing fogging.

  • Blurred memory during beach hours

You cannot swim while wearing glasses. Of course, you will be thinking about just wearing contacts. That is an excellent point. However, unless you are not scared of water containing chlorine entering into your eye sockets, contact lenses will not work in water. Swimming without prescription glasses is awkward and inconvenient, even if you have a slight refractive defect. And certainly, it is a horrible feeling of swimming with glasses.

  • Strange tan lines

Wearing glasses in the summer results in tan rings around the eyes. It’s strange how it makes you appear to be wearing glasses even when you aren’t. It can also be experienced by persons who wear sunglasses and have a flawless vision, but they can remove their specs whenever they choose. You can’t afford to remove your prescription specs merely to avoid tan lines.

Summer is a favorite season, and people who wear glasses deal with particular challenges throughout the heat.

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