Why and How to Do Car Window Repair in Tulsa

Car window repair in Tulsa

In addition to checking the condition of their windshields, drivers should also prioritize ensuring that their vehicle’s side windows are free from damage. When damage to the windows obstructs the driver’s ability to concentrate on driving, it becomes a safety concern. It may be tempting to delay repairs for minor damage, but it’s crucial to be aware that cracked, chipped, or broken car windows can pose serious risks. This article shares why and how to perform a car window repair in Tulsa. 

Reasons for having damage to car window:

Distracted drivers are involved in fatal crashes around 9% of the time on average. Overcoming car window damage is important to avoid distraction while driving. Here’re a few common reasons why window glasses get cracked or damaged and require car window repair in Tulsa

Temperature extremes:

Although car glasses are durable, they are still made of glass that can’t handle pressure well. When exposed to cold air, window glass contracts, and when exposed to heat, it expands. A study found that on a 73°F day, it takes only 25 minutes for temperatures inside a car to rise above 100°F. If you leave your car in direct sunlight on a hot summer day or outside in freezing cold weather for an extended period, it can cause damage to your windshield. A chip or small crack in your windshield can worsen and even shatter due to exposure to extreme temperatures or sudden temperature changes.

Stones and debris:

Damage to your car’s windshield can also occur when driving behind or being passed by other vehicles on the road. Small particles like road debris, dirt, or stones can pose a significant threat when combined with the speed and force of impact. As vehicles move forward, they may kick up rocks or debris that get caught in their tires and are flung toward your windshield. The impact of these flying objects can cause cracks or chips, especially when traveling at high speeds. 

Poor installation or repair:

It is recommended to look for professional assistance for damaged window glass instead of attempting a DIY solution. In most cases, DIY methods only exacerbate the issue, leading to more problems that are both time-consuming and costly. Improperly installed window glass could detach unexpectedly, especially during an accident. If a car window repair in Tulsa is done incorrectly or low-quality adhesives are used, it is more likely to cause further damage rather than repair the integrity of the glass. This increases the risk of fatal injuries. Thus, it is crucial to have an experienced technician handle the repair or replacement, preferably someone who offers a satisfactory warranty.

Collisions and severe accidents:

Your windshield can sustain serious damage from a variety of collisions, including traffic accidents and animal strikes. Even bird strikes can cause harm. An impact from a flying ball, such as a cricket or golf ball, can also weaken and damage your car’s glass windshield. To protect your windshield, it’s crucial to drive attentively and remain aware of your surroundings while on the road. In the event of a collision, it’s advisable to have your windshield inspected by professionals who can assess whether a repair or replacement is necessary.

How to repair damaged car windows? 

If you need car window repair in Tulsa, there are two main types of solutions available: temporary and permanent. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Temporary Window Fixes:

For effective glass repair temporary, you can use glass adhesive, nail polish or super glue, a plastic brace, or strong-hold tape. These options will provide a strong hold and ensure that your glass item is fixed securely. Select the option that matches your requirements best and follow the instructions carefully for optimal results. Applying these is a simple solution that can temporarily prevent further damage to your window glass. 

Permanent Window Fixes:

To fix a cracked window with epoxy, you’ll need: acetone, a cotton rag, epoxy, glass cleaner, liquid dishwashing soap, microfiber cloth, and a putty knife. Here is how

To fix a crack and repair the car window in Tulsa, start by 

– Clean the affected area with soap and water using a cotton rag. 

– After the area has dried completely, mix the epoxy and apply it to the crack with a putty knife. 

– Once the epoxy has dried, use a razor blade to remove any excess and dab acetone on the area to make it easier to clean. 

– Finally, use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner to polish the area until the glass shines.

Conclusion: Let’s Wrap it Up

Car window repair in Tulsa is essential for drivers to prevent distractions and ensure safety while driving. Common reasons for window damage include temperature extremes, stone and debris, poor installation or repair, collisions, and severe accidents. To repair damaged car windows, there are two main types: temporary and permanent. Temporary window fixes can be done using glass adhesive, nail polish, super glue, a plastic brace, or strong-hold tape. Permanent window fixes require acetone, a cotton rag, epoxy, glass cleaner, liquid dishwashing soap, microfiber cloth, and a putty knife.

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