What is the Limit of WhatsApp for Business API?

WhatsApp for Business API by KAIT

WhatsApp for Business API lets companies connect with clients on WhatsApp. It helps businesses improve customer service and marketing. To use this API effectively, you must know its limitations. 

By understanding these limits, we can improve our strategy. It will help minimize errors and boost its advantages. 

Below mentioned are it’s few limits:

Limitations on Message Templates:

When we use the WhatsApp Business API, message templates become essential. We send scheduled messages to our customers with the help of templates. 

There are limits on companies’ use of these types of messages. Detailed preparation and optimization of these templates are essential for efficient client interaction. 

Businesses can use them by creating message templates. It accounts for a wide range of possible situations and interactions with customers.

Message Types and Restrictions:

It supports various types of messages according to your business needs. In this regard, there are some restrictions.

It supports different message types to meet varying business needs. Avoid being considered a spammer and provide customers with the best possible experience because businesses should follow the rules about the frequency and type of promotional messages. 

Maintaining your API access and taking full advantage of WhatsApp requires doing so. With this, companies will be better able to create messaging for their target audiences.

Message Volume Constraints:

The WhatsApp Business API is a powerful messaging system. It limits the number of messages you can send at a time. Businesses should keep a few things in mind to control their message volume. 

Companies can use smart messaging techniques to maximize their message volume, such as providing tailored and relevant messages. Scaling alternatives are available for businesses with greater messaging needs. You can meet those demands and continue providing uninterrupted service to your clients.

Account Restrictions:

To protect the platform and user experience, WhatsApp places limits and restrictions on using the account level. For example, limits on the number of messages sent per API call and the kind of messages sent. Other WhatsApp for Business API features may fall under this category. 

Engage in meaningful conversations with consumers and avoid spamming behaviours. Follow WhatsApp’s standards, which help you avoid account suspensions and keep your API access. 

Businesses may guarantee their continued access to WhatsApp’s Business API. Do it by maintaining a good reputation and closely monitoring API use.

Media and File Sharing Limits:

Sharing media files in business is one of the most important features. Here, too, it has limitations. But how do we overcome it? 

Regarding media sharing, businesses should know the file formats and size restrictions.  

Businesses can improve the messaging experience while maintaining the parameters. You can optimize photos and videos and stick to file types and sizes.


Companies that want to make the most of the WhatsApp for Business API need to know its limits. Businesses may plan and change their communication strategies by understanding them. Maintaining API access and a great user experience requires following WhatsApp‘s standards. Thus, plan your API usage and take advantage of it.

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