The Ultimate List of Websites to Get Free Textbooks in the US


Are you searching for websites to get free textbooks in the US? You are in the right place. In this article, we have rounded up the best and most trusted sites to get free textbooks for graduate and undergraduate degrees in the US. The list has been compiled after considering US students’ needs and compulsory academic material. You can easily find math, science, accounting, finance, and textbooks covering more subjects taught in high schools, colleges, and universities. Scroll down to see which websites have got a place on our ultimate list of websites to get free textbooks.

Best Websites to Get Free Textbooks

From SolutionInn to Open Textbook Library, students have multiple free resources for textbooks. However, finding a reliable platform can be challenging for beginners. Our list of best websites to get free textbooks helps students to identify credible platforms for free academic resources. Read on and learn the best resources for free textbooks for students from and outside the US.

Open Textbooks Library

Open Textbooks Library is another valuable resource of free textbooks for US students. If you are comfortable reading digital books, you can get hundreds of free textbooks from this site without any restrictions.

The free digital textbooks platform was an initiative of the University of Minnesota. Since its beginning, it has supported millions of students and readers by providing them with free academic material. Whether you want to upgrade your entrepreneurship skills or seek excellent performance in your academics, the site can provide worth-reading academic material on any subject matter. 

You can search for a book from the database of Open Textbook Library by its name or author. Advanced search also lets you filter books to find material in different languages. The free textbooks have also been categorized by license type, so you could easily choose open-license textbooks to use for free.


SolutionInn is an academic support website that mainly provides US students with study help. The service provider is also offering free textbooks to students to alleviate their financial burden, helping them concentrate more on their studies and academic performance. This is the only site that provides free hard-copy textbooks to students from all across the US. 

The website has a great collection of textbooks where you can find highly recommended and popular textbooks on various subjects. It includes, but is not limited to, science, math, engineering, business, and computer science textbooks. 

The site also offers free shipping on free textbooks, which means the book you get free from the service provider reaches you absolutely free. It does not end here! With free textbooks, you also get free study membership. It is a trial membership that unlocks access to textbook solutions and academic support by subject experts. 


Bookboon is another good resource for free textbooks for university students. Though the platform provides paid academic help and reading material to students, the digital books available on the site are mostly free. 

The website has a limited collection of free eBooks, but you can find here some worth-reading books to increase your knowledge and develop professional skills. Moreover, you can use the site to get academic help from the subject experts by paying a reasonable price.

Project Gutenberg

If you are a fan of classic literature, Project Gutenberg is the right place to find valuable and free reading materials. The site also provides free access to textbooks covering different subjects, such as business, science, math, and engineering. However, the collection of free textbooks is limited as compared to other open educational resources such as Open Textbook Library.

The Bottom Line

The Internet is loaded with websites claiming to provide free textbooks to students. But the bitter reality is that most of these claims are fake. The open educational resources available online are digital books. There is no platform for free physical textbooks except SolutionInn. You can get physical textbooks from the site, but that is also limited to one book per semester. So, select your free textbook wisely.


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