Exam preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification

I received a New Year’s present for myself when I aced the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam at the start of 2020 with all 5 “Above Target” marks. I work in project research and development and have devoted the last 10 years of my life to project management. I participated in some project management courses for research and development in recent years, which helped me have a strong understanding of project management.

But I had never thought to look into or even be proactive enough to know about taking the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam. One of my closest friends revealed her Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification on WeChat Moments in July, and I spoke with her after that. Soon after, I kept a thorough online overview of the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

I was working a lot at the time. What’s more, when I got home at night, I had to stay with my primary school-aged kid as he studied while listening to stories about mischievous boys. I was hesitant to take the PMP Certification Training for Project Management Professionals. Because the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam was so expensive, I was worried that a large portion of my money would go into thin air. If I failed the test, I would also be a joke to my wife and children.

What’s Beneficial About PMP Exam Preparation

I used the statistical approach to analyse my daily schedule for a week. In reality, last week’s statistics research revealed that I had two to three hours every day to use fully. I could take use of my free time, my lunch break, my companion’s companionship, and the time after my naughty boy went to sleep.

I thought about it for another week, though. Playing about on my cell phone and browsing the internet in my free time would be lot more easygoing and leisurely. Also, taking a lunch break would be really enjoyable. It would be far better to spend the extra time reading a book. In addition, when my naughty youngster went to sleep, it would be quite pleasurable to soak my feet in hot water and watch some TV.

After that, I decided to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam because I wanted to set a good example for my kid and demonstrate to him that hard work can pay off.

I advise everyone to enrol in a structured training programme at Sprintzeal (Sprintzeal is an IT training company with 18 years of experience that specialises in offering Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam study guides, braindumps, and training programmes. You can pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam thanks to it. Pass the certification test and get the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation with a perfect score.

With the aid of Sprintzeal, learning materials can be twice as effective in terms of comprehensiveness, an integrated overview of knowledge points, formality and logicality of test paper topics, both of which are very important, and study plans, which include registration for the PMP exam.

How Does Exam Preparation for a Certification Help You Pass the Test?

I first enrolled in online classes in order to get exam preparation resources. The primary study materials included the PMBOK 6th Edition, a 300-hour online video course, a piece of video lecture notes, a booklet of key concepts, a number of PMP examination practise questions, three mock practise exams and a final practise test. By the way, there were no live classes; all of the video sessions were filmed and presented.

All of them emphasise the PMBOK’s top priority, and it does, whether they are the course tutors, the video class instructors, the group’s chief teacher, or the predecessors who have passed the PMP test.

No matter how the exam questions vary or which knowledge point is being tested, you will pass the PMP exam if you have a firm grasp of the material and all the process groups in the PMBOK or are well-versed in all project management procedures. What does it mean to understand all contents, then? It implies, in my experience, to memorise the 49 process groups and to keep in mind all project management procedures.

Actually, finding the knowledge point and the process group on PMBOK in the face of PMP test questions requires rapid and correct navigation, as was described previously. The true aim is to comprehend the 49 process groups’ significance and how they relate to one another, not simply to memorise the 49 process groups as I have stated. 

49 Memory Process Groups

You don’t have to consciously repeat the 49 process groups when learning. Instead, you should comprehend them. You can list the bulk of the 49 process categories once you have learned all of them. Then, based on your own way of thinking, you learn to communicate with each of the 49 process groups until you can recall them all verbatim.

In essence, passing the PMP test won’t be a problem for you if you can recall the names of all 49 process groups, comprehend fully what each of them truly means, and remember which process groups were the source of which core knowledge points. However, you must have a deeper grasp of the input and output of each process group, as well as the tools and techniques employed, if you wish to aim for all 5 “Above Target” ratings. 

I studied for the PMP test for around three months. Reading the PMBOK as a preview, followed by watching video lectures to solidify my understanding since they helped me recall and grasp some challenging topics more readily, and lastly reading the OMBOK fully once, which required you to take notes and mark the book.


I started working on exercises after the first one, such as chapter questions, simulation questions, and assignment questions. You could also discover your issues at the same time. Summarising was crucial throughout the procedure. I looked for leaks and filled in the blanks on the chapters with a high mistake rate once I had done all the exercises. Later, for the ease of a better review, I printed out all the papers directly, noted the knowledge points, and analysed the incorrect questions on the sheets.

I advise you to repeat your own incorrect questions when you have two weeks till the test rather than doing fresh activities. Then, every few days, you should rewrite down all 49 process categories and get a solid understanding of how they relate to one another.

You ought to look after your own body. After all, the 4-hour exam puts a lot of strain on people’s stamina and energy, particularly for some elderly applicants. You have to become used to approaching the exam with a positive mindset.

How Does It Aid in Mock Exams?

Whatever the test, I always give it a lot of consideration. Even though I have participated in many tests throughout my elementary, middle, high school, university, and postgraduate education, I still have a long way to go in developing my exam-oriented psychological qualities. I received a score of 145 on the first mock test, which had the majority of fundamental questions. I scored 139 on the second practice test, which was harder and had many more questions that required careful consideration. I received 155 marks on the third mock test, which was significantly simpler.

I received 158 on the last practice test I took, which Sprintzeal offered two weeks before the real test. Many members of the learning group demonstrated their abilities throughout the practice examinations. Even though none of them had a higher score than I did, I never bragged about them. Even though the group’s head instructor had called to reassure me that I would have no trouble passing the exam, I still felt incredibly uneasy.

Later, I thought about why I was feeling so insecure. I suppose in science and engineering, and because the problems in those fields are usually operationally addressed right, I experienced a great deal of that type of feeling. There is just one correct response. Either you do it or you don’t.

How is this exam really unique?

The PMP test is very different, though. If there are four possibilities, there is only one incorrect response, if not none. So how do you make the proper decision?The key is choosing the best option. We frequently find ourselves in situations when four possibilities are so accurate that we are unsure.

There are roughly 30 to 40 confusing questions on both the mock exam and the real exam. Therefore, even when we select the better response for the science and engineering applicants, we still experience anxiety. Even the instructor advises us to listen to our hearts when several of the choices seem to be accurate. Perhaps we struggle to act in accordance with our moral convictions.

If the circumstances allow, you should be familiar with the exam room and your seat number so that you may feel more at ease.

In the previous three practise tests, I did my best to mimic the actual test environment by having to complete the entire exam in one breath, including time, answering questions on the answer sheet, and drinking and eating while doing so. This helped me become more thoughtful.

Despite feeling a bit uneasy the day of the test due to getting less than two hours of sleep the night before and having a weak psychological personality, I was still able to manage my time well. I completed the answer sheet after every 50 questions I had answered correctly. My entire time spent was under 200 minutes, which was nearly identical to the time allotted for the practice test.

To sum up

I requested permission to eat elsewhere once the exam was over. The invigilator failed when I went to the loo. I checked my answer sheet and returned to the test room after taking a short break. I noted the ones that were unclear and repeated them when I had 30 minutes remaining. I modified around 5 to 6 answers before turning in the answer sheet.

The majority of the applicants in my examination room did not fill out the comments section on the answer sheet on the examination room and the invigilation procedure. Anyway, I didn’t either. I posed the question to the overseer, who said that we were not required to fill it out.

Additionally, the time was projected on the wall of my examination room, so if I glanced up, I could see the time.

Although I felt similar to how I did during the third mock exam, it was extremely agonising to wait for the results. Until the score was announced, I could not return to reality. The education group was having a contentious debate, but I seldom ever paid attention to it.

You can get the notification from PMI in your already registered email around a month later.If you pass the PMP test, you will receive a personal congratulations. By selecting the link to view your score, you may learn how many As you received, or your exam ranking.

The certificate can be renewed if 60 PDU points and N USD can be saved over three years. In general, taking part in certain project management-related tasks might earn you PDU points.

Having had a lengthy experience, I want to be able to assist individuals who are prepared to take the PMP Exam.

You can get in touch with me without hesitation if you have any more inquiries concerning the PMP test. You may also talk about subjects with me before the PMBOK revision exam labs pmp review.

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