4 Signs That Tell You Need to Redesign Your Business Website

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We’re sure you invested wisely in the design of the website at that time. Although it seems like only yesterday, the time since may have passed.

Do you recall when you last redesigned your website? Perhaps for a few years? We don’t invest in a good design once. Every website needs regular updates and yours probably does too.

Check out these four indicators to determine if you need Website Development services.

Your web traffic is low

It is important to pay attention to your website’s traffic. Search engines will provide the most visibility for you.

If you notice that the traffic to your site (mostly from Google) is decreasing, this is because it’s not optimized for search.

SEO is important. Select the right keywords and consider the user experience when redesigning your website to improve its search engine ranking.

High Bounce Rate

It is important to attract people to your site, but it is worthless if they don’t know how to navigate. The bounce rate is the percentage that visitors who leave your site immediately after they arrive.

If your bounce rate exceeds 55%, you should start wondering why visitors aren’t staying on your site.

Your bounce rate may be high for several reasons: slow-loading pages, a design that is not intuitive, or one that makes it difficult for users to locate the information they are looking for, or if the content on the page is not professional or relevant.

All of these reasons point to the same conclusion: If visitors leave your site as soon as you enter, then we aren’t doing things correctly. Correct the reasons why they leave your website, and redesign it.

High bounce rate on mobile devices

Nearly a third of online purchases are made on mobile devices. More than half of Google search is done via mobile. You are losing customers if your website isn’t mobile-friendly.

A high bounce rate is a sign that your site isn’t doing its job. And if your mobile bounce rate is significant, it means that you are not giving your visitors an intuitive website experience.

Every web redesign must prioritize the adaptation of web pages to mobile devices. You may have a page that is not “responsive” because it was not thought of in the past. It is time to consider all of the users who use their mobile devices.

Low conversion rate

Your website should have a purpose. Its goal is to increase sales for your business. Each page also needs to have a goal.

For example, you want visitors to visit a certain page, subscribe to a blog, complete the contact form, make a purchase, etc.

You can measure the effectiveness of your website by using tools such as Google Analytics.

Any website’s ultimate goal is to convert site visitors into potential customers. You have a problem if you have high traffic to your site but a low conversion rate. Low conversion rates indicate that your website is not meeting its main goal.

Good web redesign proposals will improve your website so that it is more appealing to your future clients. You can also improve your call to action to make your website more efficient and allow users to perform the actions that you desire.

Visitors who don’t convert won’t bring you the results that you want. If this is the case for a significant portion of your visitors, then it’s probably time to update.

You may have designed your website to meet the needs of the users at the time, but the user’s behavior has changed.

Redesigning your website will make it more current and marketing-friendly. Contact us at Digital Specialist, and our experts will help you to redesign your website with the latest best practices.

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